Plans in Motion for Massive Nationwide Opioids Settlement

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In recent years, opioid addiction has swept across the U.S., leading to significant losses, familial strife, incarceration, and pain. Now, the public is trying to hold marketers, distributors, and retailers responsible for their reckless and aggressive tactics that resulted in widespread addiction. According to The New York Times, a judge in an Ohio federal court is poised to rule on a proposal that could dramatically increase the number of areas who would qualify to receive compensation from the pharmaceutical industry.

The Specifics

This innovative strategy would substantially expand the number of municipalities across the country from 1,650 to 24,500, which would put added pressure on the pharmaceutical companies to negotiate a settlement. As part of this reasoning, settling with such a large number of areas would prevent these local governments from filing additional lawsuits in the future.

In lawsuits of this nature, municipal plaintiffs are able to band together to take a powerful stand against these companies. If each local area were to pursue a lawsuit on their own, it is unlikely that they would get very far. But by supporting one another, these small municipalities will draw more attention while loudly demanding restitution from the pharmaceutical industry.

In order for this plan to move forward, Judge Dan Arron Polster, a federal judge located in Cleveland, would have to give his formal approval.

Next Steps

Should the proposal move forward, the attorneys for each individual plaintiff will collaborate using an interactive map that will help negotiate and determine the amount of each settlement. Once a settlement is reached, a judge will still need to formally approve it.

Unlike traditional class-action lawsuits, where the lawyers first agree on the settlement before presenting it to the members, this plan provides more active opportunities for participants from each municipality to express their views upfront.

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